• Battle Belts:  Battle Belts are an easy way to carry all your gear whether you're at the range or in the field.  They are an easy way to store all your key gear "just in case," ready to grab at a moment's notice in the trunk of a cruiser or at a homeowner's bedside before investigating that "bump in the night." 
  • Field Pouch:  Most of our battle belts come fully loaded with a field pouch.  This consists of a trauma module, a first aid module, and a patrol module in a USMC IFAK pouch.  Please see the detailed listing for contents.
  • Miscellaneous Gear:  From time to time we offer random gear from storage.  Quantities are limited.  If you order an item which is out of stock then you will receive a refund.

All prices include shipping!


A battle belt is a load-bearing belt worn with suspenders intended to carry a basic load of field gear.  The battle belt concept is very versatile; belts can be worn by themselves, under a plate carrier, or in conjunction with a chest rig.  A day pack or hydration system can also be worn with a belt, and should sit just on top of the belt's rear pouches.  Battle belts are an excellent way to carry gear in the field but also make it easy to "grab and go" gear in a crisis.  All told, the Midnight Rider battle belt comfortably carries eight M4 magazines and nearly 500 cubic inches of critical gear.

Our belt systems are put together from quality "made in the US" components.  While some components are used surplus, there's no airsoft junk here.

  • Padded War Belt:  The core of the Midnight Rider battle belt is a new USMC-issue Padded War Belt (NSN 8465-01-615-5140).  This comes with an as-issued "Y" harness but has extra attachment points to be compatible with four-point "H" harnesses.
  • GP Pouches:  We add two surplus USMC-issue general purpose/IFAK pouches (NSN 8105-09-000-2725).  These pouches have a convenient internal subdivider and measure about 6"x6" with about two to four inches of depth, making them great general purpose pouches as well.
  • Canteen Pouch:  Each belt is equipped with a NEW USMC canteen pouch.  These have a convenient buckle closure and fit a canteen with cup.  Each pouch has side pockets useful for water purification tabs, paracord, or other small accessories.  
  • Mag Pouches:  Finally, we round out each belt with USMC double magazine pouches.  These pouches will fit two standard capacity 30-round AR-style magazines, including PMAGs.  Small belts can fit only two pouches, medium belts fit four, and large belts can pack six.  If you don't need to carry magazines they provide handy storage for smaller items like monoculars, NVDs, or radios.  Some of the surplus pouches show some evidence of wear but most are in excellent shape.  You could use magazine shingles under these pouches to increase the capacity of your belt system.
  • "LOADED!"  The "LOADED" battle belt also comes with a USGI canteen and the Midnight Rider Patrol Pouch (consisting of Trauma, First Aid, and Patrol Modules -- see below for details).  I toss in a canteen cup for free, but these cups are not to milspec and thus won't nest with the canteen.

The Coyote color on all this gear was selected due to its versatile blending with a variety of camo patterns and environments.  Coyote works well with multicam and performs adequately in any environment with dirt (i.e. most of the US).

We are able to offer these kits at a reasonable price as we sourced the key components wholesale and negotiated with surplus dealers to get price breaks on bulk orders.  After you factor in shipping I think you'll find that our price beats putting it together yourself.  Our goal is to get good equipment into the hands of good people at a fair price.


  • Small:  Ideal for 30" waists.
  • Medium:  Ideal for 34" waists.
  • Large:  Ideal for 38" waists.  -- OUT OF STOCK!

There is a lot of flexibility with sizing on these belts.  The key is to ensure that all magazine pouches end up forward of your hips.  The medium belt will probably be the right choice for most folks.


Orders will ship via USPS or UPS to anywhere in the lower-48 or where a Large Flat Rate box will go, to include APO addresses.  Shipping prices are included in the totals below.  Shipping to OCONUS locations may be extra -- email and ask first please!

Battle Belt (Medium / LOADED!)

$ 120 USD

The medium belt is our standard battle belt which should fit most.

4xM4 double mag pouches

2xGP pouches (IFAK or SAW style)

1xCanteen Pouch

Of course, this "LOADED" belt comes with the Field Pouch gear including Trauma, First Aid, and Patrol modules.

You can substitute two M4 pouches for an additional IFAK/GP pouch on request.


Battle Belt (Small / LOADED!)

No Image Available

$ 110 USD

This is identical to our "medium" battle belt but in a smaller size.  Due to less MOLLE webbing, the total double M4 pouch count is decreased from four pouches to two pouches (four magazines).  That lets us offer these at a discount.  Limited quantities available!



$ 25 USD

The "handpick" upcharge fee will get you a top-shelf rig:

  • Upgrade USGI canteen to Nalgene canteen (matching coyote color as seen on right of picture) -- no more "plastic" aftertaste!
  • Upgrade used magazine pouches to new or handpick.  The picture shows a basic pouch (left), a handpick pouch (center), and a new pouch (right).
  • Upgrade used surplus IFAK pouch to new or handpick.  Coloration is similar to the mag pouches above.
  • Add a grey as-issued IFAK insert (used)

While I have good quantities of new gear on hand, if we run out of new gear then I will handpick the best pouch out of a lot of five and launder it (no IR optical brighteners).  Our stock gear is in good shape but some folks prefer that "new car" smell.

This item must be ordered in conjunction with a Midnight Rider Battle Belt.

Update for 2016:  I am out of "new" condition magazine pouches.  Handpick belts will ship with "very good" condition used magazine pouches. I have added an IFAK insert to compensate for the used quality magazine pouches.


BELT UPGRADE - Coyote Hydration Carrier

No Image Available

$ 15 USD

These USMC surplus hydration pouches hold a 3 liter reservoir (not included).  The coyote color is a perfect match for your Midnight Rider Battle Belt.

This item must be ordered in conjunction with a Midnight Rider Battle Belt.  

NSN 8465-01-531-1753.


BELT UPGRADE - Minus One Mag Pouch

No Image Available

$ 0 USD

Our standard battle belts fill up all available molle webbing.  Some customers want to leave two columns of MOLLE straps available for a holster or other pouches.  Select this option and your belt will ship with one fewer M4 mag pouch.

To compensate you, I'll throw in a bonus item from the warehouse.  If we're out of cool stuff, I'll refund a few bucks ($4) from your belt's cost or make a donation to a charity (your call).

This item must be ordered in conjunction with a Midnight Rider Battle Belt.


BELT UPGRADE - Fully Assembled

No Image Available

$ 20 USD

Normally we ship the belts unassembled.  This allows them to fit into a more efficient shipping box.  However, if you want us to attach all pouches so the belt is rigged up and ready to go upon delivery select this option.

This item must be ordered in conjunction with a Midnight Rider Battle Belt.



Our field pouch comes packed with all the essentials.  This kit is included with our "LOADED!" battle belts but can be purchased separately.

TRAUMA MODULE:  These are all the core items of an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) trauma setup, except for Quik Clot and a C.A.T..  Quik Clot proved to be cost prohibitive.  Quik Clot and a CAT would both make a good addition for a duty rig, however.

  • Compression Bandage (H&H or Israeli)
  • TK4 mil-spec tourniquet
  • Triangular Bandage
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway & Surgical Lubrication

FIRST AID MODULE:  This gear gets you what you need to get by until you can get to a medic or vehicle first aid kit.  Of note is the mole skin -- critical for any sort of foot problems and often overlooked.

  • Sterile Gloves
  • 3xAspirin Doses
  • Medi-Lyte (electrolytes for dehydration)
  • Diamode/Loperamide (diarrhea medication)
  • Bug Sting Wipe
  • Antiseptic Pads
  • Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Pressure wrapped Israeli sterile gauze bandage -- NEW!
  • Two 2" gauze pads
  • 3" wide elastic wrap (ACE bandage style)
  • 4" moleskin strip
  • EMT Shears

FIELD MODULE:  This module has some comfort items that are often forgotten when going out for the day.  Never curse yourself for forgetting bug dope or sunscreen or a light ever again!  A larger supply of water purification tabs, local map of your area, and compass may need to be added depending on your area.

  • Mylar blanket
  • Single-use poncho (green or clear)
  • 4 oz emergency water pouch
  • "Hot hands" chemical hand warmer
  • Box of matches
  • Strip of "Cats Eye" tape
  • One yard OD paracord
  • Water purification tabs
  • Uncle Ben's DEET Bugspray Wipe
  • SPF30 Sunscreen Wipe
  • Cyalume Milspec Glowstick (most are red, but color may vary)
  • "Foamie" Ear Protection

Midnight Rider Field Pouch

$ 50 USD

This handy kit is packed in a USMC surplus IFAK pouch (NSN 8105-09-000-2725).  It is included as part of the loaded battle belt but can be purchased seperately.  Contents include the Trauma, First Aid, and Patrol modules described above.  IFAK pouch is included (not pictured in graphic).




PROMOTIONS:  We are happy to offer discounts to military personnel (active, guard, or reserve), teachers, NRA Members, and RWVA Appleseed or Libertyseed volunteers.  Please send credentials (or forum name for RWVA volunteers) to us at  We will either provide a discount or throw in a nice mystery item!

SHIPPING:  Midnight Rider Outfitters is happy to offer free shipping via USPS to the US or APO addresses.  Orders which cannot be sent via USPS will be cancelled and refunded.  At our discretion we will issue a partial refund for orders which can ship together for low cost, so it is in your best interest to combine orders!

TIMELINE:  We try to ship in a timely manner, but realize we are a two-person show.  Please allow a week or two for items to ship.  

RETURNS:  We are confident that all items are "as advertised."  If for some reason you do not feel that an item is as described, please return the undamaged, unused item within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price less a 20% restocking fee.  Buyer must pay return shipping.

ALTERNATE PAYMENT:  We can also accept payment in postal money order, personal check (be prepared to wait two weeks to cash), or silver at current market rates.  Please contact us for details.

Mystery Item

No Image Available

$ 5 USD

We'll go through the warehouse and find a "mystery item."  It could be some ALICE gear, a spare MOLLE pouch or two, or some other neat item.

You can order this by itself but realize that shipping will be a killer, limiting the value of what you end up with.  You'll get better stuff if I can throw a nice item into the flat rate box with your Battle Belt.